Ed Sheeran Told MTV Taylor Swift Was An Exception

When it comes to writing fresh songs, Taylor Swift is practically the only one that British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran will team up with. He told MTV News he likes writing songs for other artists and he could do that all day long. But writing with other artists is rare.

“Right now the Taylor thing was an exception because I think she’s great. But right now I can only concentrate on writing stuff for me,” he said.

The “Taylor thing” he talks about is the time they spent working on music and recording a new track (or more) for her when-will-it-ever-get-here next album. Sheeran reiterated that he doesn’t write so much with other artists, but that Swift is 1) really nice, 2) really cool, 3) a good friend and 4) a pleasure to hang out with.

“We’re very much alike musically and it worked out well, I think,” he says. Her fans will be the judge of that when they hear the album.

Thanks CMT


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